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Existing Estate Plan Review

Life changes. Laws change. Families change. Goals and desires change. An estate plan review will ensure that your plan takes these changes into account and will work when and how you need it to for yourself and the people you love.

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Have an Existing Estate Plan?

If you have an estate plan that was done more than three years ago, you may wish to have it reviewed by a knowledgeable estate planning attorney.

If you’ve had changes in your life in the last three years or if you had your Will and/or Trust done more than 10 years ago and haven’t had it reviewed since then (which is very, very common), you definitely should have a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer review your documents to ensure that they will still work when you need them to, and that they reflect your wishes at this point in your life.

Estate Plan Review Session

I offer a two-hour working meeting to thoroughly review with you your existing estate plan. We will discuss your goals for yourself and your loved ones, your current family situation, and whether anything has changed in the law or in your life since your estate plan was created or last updated.

This is a comprehensive review of any documents you have in place to ensure they comply with current California law and also take into consideration your current life circumstances and goals for yourself and the people you love. I review your Will, Revocable Living Trust, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Guardian Nominations, etc.

So that we can make the most of our time together, I ask that you send me copies of your current estate planning documents along with a completed worksheet I'll send you so that I may thoroughly review them before our session.

Getting Started

So if you are ready to get started, you can book your Existing Estate Plan Review Session here.

If you have any questions and want to make sure that this is the right next step for you, you can book a phone consultation with me here.

The Fine Print

Preparation (Pre-Session Homework)

You will need to prepare in order to get the most benefit from your Existing Estate Plan Review Session. After you have scheduled your appointment, I will send you everything you need in order to get ready for our meeting. Your pre-session homework (worksheet) must be returned to me at least three business days in advance of our meeting. Completing the extensive worksheet will be the start of your commitment to yourself and to your loved ones.

The pre-session homework will help you get more financially organized than ever before. It is extensive, but I guarantee it is doable. Procrastination is the biggest obstacle we have to taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, so I recommend just sitting down and starting.

Preparing beforehand helps to ensure that you will leave your session with the total confidence of knowing you have made informed, educated and empowered decisions for yourself and the people you love. You will know if the plan you have in place still does what you want it to. The simple act of completing your pre-session homework will also give you the confidence that none of your hard-earned assets will be lost to the State of California when something happens to you.

If you have any questions at all about the homework, you are free to schedule a call with me.

Best Time To Schedule

Schedule an estate plan review meeting

Be sure to select an appointment time for your Existing Estate Plan Review Session that is at least two weeks in the future. This will give you enough time to complete and return your pre-session homework to me at least three business days before your session. I will need your homework in order to best prepare for our meeting and to maximize our time together.

Schedule a time when you know you have a full two hours available, and if your estate plan includes a spouse or partner, plan to have him or her at our meeting as well.

Please schedule an appointment time you are certain you can keep. I have a limited number of Estate Plan Review Sessions available each month and I am blocking off a full two hours for your appointment to the exclusion of others who may want to schedule with me.


The fee for a two-hour Existing Estate Plan Review Session is $950. However, if you complete your pre-session homework and return it to me three business days before your session, and show up for your session with your spouse or partner (if applicable), I will completely waive this fee. You will pay nothing for our two hours together.

If you decide you'd like me to make any necessary or advisable changes to your existing estate plan, we'll discuss fees at that time. You will know upfront how much the changes will cost. No surprises.

If you would like to have the fee waived for your Review Session, enter "HOMEWORKWAIVER" in the Coupon Code box on the scheduling page.

Credit Card Policy

In order to secure your commitment to doing your homework and keeping your appointment, you will be required to enter your credit (or debit) card information on the secure scheduling page.

Your card will not be charged if you return your pre-session homework to me three days in advance of our meeting and show up at the scheduled appointment time you select, along with your spouse or partner, if applicable.

If for some reason you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact me at least three business days in advance of our meeting to avoid being charged.

Remember to use the coupon code "HOMEWORKWAIVER" on the scheduling page.

Ready to Schedule Your Review Session?

Click on the button below to schedule your Existing Estate Plan Review Session. And please remember to schedule your session at least two weeks from today so that you have enough time to complete and return your pre-session homework to me, along with copies of your existing estate plan documents, at least three business days before our meeting.

I look forward to meeting you!


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